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Nicholas, an environmental technician with eight years of experience in air monitoring, noticed progress in reducing air emissions but little focus on water pollution.


After teaching English in Vietnam, he pursued entrepreneurship at Dalhousie University and conceptualized Clean Valley CIC during a study abroad program in the Netherlands.


Embracing inclusivity, the company aimed to create innovative, nature-inspired solutions.


Nicholas's profound understanding of the link between humanity and water drove his commitment to ensure clean water accessibility for all, involving stakeholders in building a sustainable future.

Nicholas LaValle

Founder & CEO

Hunter, an Environmental Engineer Graduate, spent nearly a decade working on emissions compliance and biochar refinement.


Joining the Clean Valley project, he led the development of the Poseidon's Biofilter, evolving it into the advanced Mark 9 design. Hunter also co-designed hatchery models for Clean Valley's upcoming initiatives in 2023 and 2024.


Currently, he seeks to expand his expertise with ongoing education, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering alongside his CET in Mechanical Engineering. His dedication to sustainable solutions drives Clean Valley's success and innovation.

Hunter Bishop

Co-Founder & CTO

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